Drvenik is a popular tourist destination and ferry port on the Makarska Riviera, located 29 km south-east of Makarska. It is situated between the lush green slopes of mt. Biokovo and wide blue Adriatic sea. Pebble beaches with pine shade and a beautiful summer sunset make Drvenik an ideal place for relaxation. The economy is based on farming, viticulture, olive-growing, fishing, and most of all - tourism. It is also an important traffic center because of the car ferry which connects to the islands Hvar and KorĨula.
On the knoll to the north of the village are the remains of the tower with defense walls dating from the 17th century. A Gothic church of St. George in Gornji Drvenik under the mount Plana. Its oldest part dates probably from the 15th century. It was rebuilt several times and later on redesigned in baroque style. Old tombstones were incorporated in its walls. In 1887 it was expanded to satisfy the demands of the growing population. On the church front there is an eight-petal rose window, and on the top there is an ornamented church-tower with two bells. The church houses a big marble altar with the statue of St. George on it.


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